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HiBoard HiBoard HiBoard

Billboard advertising is still one of the most popular and effective marketing methods, and proper night illumination for billboard would be the key to advertising campaign.

Modern Design Housing
Simple, exquisite and smooth line with white body make the luminaire more elegant.

High Performance
HiBoard is energy-efficient with high performance, low maintenance, and long lifespan

Unique Lighting Pattern
Polarized lighting distribution would avoid light being wasted into non-objected area, making HiBoard more energy-saving.

Multi-installation Ways
According to different application, we provide two different installation methods: for billboard application, we have mounting sleeve which is compatible for both round and square poles, while for sports field application, we provide rotatable bracket marked with angle so that end user can easily and accurately adjust the angle (±90°).

Multiple Usage
HiBoard is not only suitable for billboard advertising application, but also for sports field application and area lighting application.

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