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Area Light Fixture "Slice"
Area Light Fixture "Slice"
Area Light Fixture "Slice"
Area Light Fixture "Slice" Area Light Fixture "Slice"

LSI’s Slice LED area light gives you the best possible lumens per dollar in the marketplace. Available in three fixture sizes, with a choice of reflectors and drive currents. The sleek, 1-piece housing ensures the optical unit and internal components are protected from any contaminants. In addition the low profile fixture means very low EPAs for the use of lighter gauge poles. Reduced energy, pole, installation and maintenance costs – all take a slice out of the costs that affect your bottom line.

    • Low Cost – The Best Possible Lumens Per Dollar
    • Low Profile
      • XLCS/XLCM – Less Than 2" Thick
      • XLCL – Less Than 3" Thick
    • Three Sizes 
        • XLCS – Over 15,700 Lumens
        • XLCM – Over 31,100 Lumens
        • XLCL – Over 59,000 Lumens                  
      • Up to 118 Lumens Per Watt
      • Distribution -
        • XLCS - Types 3, 5, 5E, FT, FTE
        • XLCM - Types 3, 5, 5E, FT, FT-L, FT-R, FTE
        • XLCL - Types 3, 5, FT, FT-L, FT-R, FTA
      • Sharp Cutoff for FT Distribution
      • 5000K Cool White Color Temperature  – complies with DLC standard
      • 0-10 Volt dimming energy saving option available
      • Virtually maintenance free
      • 5-year warranty

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